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 Strategy and Planning

We identify appropriate strategies for communications and marketing, and from this foundation we plan activity and define positioning. After careful analysis of the client's business, we work efficiently to strengthen visibility and disseminate information about services, products and the brand.


Strategic, multichannel counseling (traditional media, online, blogosphere and social media) offers the client visibility that is both extensive and effective. We offer suggestions and provide updates regarding trends, new targets and content relevant to the given sector.

Press Office

In order to provide continuity for communications and to keep media up to date, it's critical to regularly send out press releases about new services, events, products and initiatives, to organize contact with the press and to create editorial opportunities.

Digital Strategies

The blogosphere, social media and other online platforms: these are new channels that allow us to drive information, foresee trends and reach specific targets. The three fundamental rules for handing and dialoguing with new communication channels are: listen, evaluate, and act.


Press tours, press conferences, workshops and roadshows: whenever we organize events we select a target and then enter immediately into dialogue with the relevant influencers. Diligence, punctuality and close attention to detail are the elements we need to succeed each and every time.

Media value

We evaluate and measure our own results in order to provide customers with further confirmation about the value of our work. The striking loyalty of our clients is born from receiving tangible feedback about awareness, brand positioning, traffic and especially media coverage.

Media planning

We plan and organize advertising campaigns, whether online or offline, offering media consulting that is not only professional and highly focused but that also targets the needs of our clients. We are with our companies through every stage of planning: choice of media, budget management, and ongoing relationships.

House Organs

We also have extensive experience in producing editorial content, having worked in collaboration on several magazines in different sectors. We currently focus on publishing house organs, handing the whole production from start to finish: strategic choices, graphic design and content.

Photo Shoots and Video Production

We work closely with external partners in order to provide video and photographic materials. We create the storyboard and follow the entire production process, ensuring that the message is always interpreted in strict keeping with that of the client. exam braindumps